Personal business training for necessity entrepreneurs

Who We Are


Elevate Business is a for-profit, business management and financial literacy training company. We provide personalized and holistic training to the borrowers of high-volume financial lending institutions in emerging markets. We empower small business owners with the tools needed to improve and grow sustainable businesses.


What We Do


The Context

Access to capital has become ubiquitous—with microfinance institutions, cooperatives, and commercial lenders—”banks”—competing to lend money to millions of small business owners.

The Problem

Necessity entrepreneurs—individuals forced into starting a small business as their primary source of income—are receiving small business loans with little to no business management or financial literacy training. Their loans pose a higher risk to lenders. In turn, they borrow money at very high interest rates. They are overwhelmed. They need help. We have a solution for the borrowers and the banks.

Our Solution

We provide in-person business management and financial literacy training to necessity entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Our high-volume banking partners allow for scale.

Our Impact

small business owners trained in 2016
small business owners will be trained in 2017
65% - 95%
reduction in default rates among trained borrowers
2% - 6%
lower interest rates for borrowers enrolled in Elevate training



Roots Social Impact Group

Roots’ interdisciplinary team of academics from top universities conducts rigorous, randomized controlled trials and publishes their findings in top academic journals. Their data-driven approach to measuring social impact leads to better outcomes.


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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela


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