Empowered Necessity Entrepreneurs + Well-informed Banks = Sustainable Economic Development


We partner with high-volume, well established lending institutions (commercial banks, MFIs, cooperatives). We seek partners who are innovative, clear communicators, and early adopters of disruptive technology and innovation. We aim to partner with banks that are grounded (or seek to become grounded) in data-driven processes.

How It Works

We establish 3-year partnership agreements.

Year 1

We conduct a Pilot (1,000 - 2,000 borrowers).

Year 2

We triple the number of borrowers impacted in Year 1.

Year 3

We double the number of borrowers impacted in Year 2.

All of our Pilots and interventions are monitored by researchers from top 10 universities to validate the findings of the Pilots and more effectively offer loans with training and technology included in the cost of each loan given to micro and SME borrowers.