What We Do

We empower necessity entrepreneurs to organize and grow profitable businesses by integrating technology and business management tools via personalized in-person and online accountability-based training.

We de-risk micro and SME loan portfolios by providing banks with relevant and reliable data captured by our Elevateros and PYME Connect data platform.

Results & Impact

We lower default and delinquency rates, increase customer loyalty, enhance cross-selling, generate new customer leads, and accelerate customer borrowing power.

How We Do It

We partner with high-volume lending institutions in emerging markets dedicated to financial inclusion,
innovation and client-centric service to provide micro and SME borrowers with technology,
practical business management tools and training with their loans.

Why We Do It

We have invested over 800,000 hours in 17 countries working inside the businesses of necessity entrepreneurs. We know how they think. We know how they operate. We understand their needs. We feel their pains. They are the economic engine of their countries. They are our inspiration. They are our “why”.

We have interviewed ~4,000 bankers in 63 countries and understand their goals, appreciate their role in society and understand their challenges. We fundamentally believe that banks hold the key to building and sustaining the middle class in their developing economies through their direct contact with and influence on millions of micro and SME operators.

Our partnerships with banks have the potential to elevate the socioeconomic status of millions of micro and SME operators.

Where We Operate

Contact Us to ask for details about your country.