Lower default. Increased loyalty. Competitive advantage.

Bridging the Gap

Lenders are sophisticated organization with decades of experiencing analyzing MIPYME borrowers.

MIPYME borrowers are traditionally necessity entrepreneurs who typically lack formal, business management and financial Literacy training.

Elevate bridges the gap between lenders and the borrowers.

Pre-Credit Risk Diagnostic

Banks that wish to decrease costs and maximize efficiencies within their own operations can outsource the verification process. With this service, banks receive a 59-point Diagnostic and accompanying “Risk Score” based on the borrower’s payment capacity (DTI ratio), general financial consciousness, business operations practices, and the overall health and strength of the business.

Partner Connect: Risk Regulator

After disbursing a loan to a borrower, loan officers and the bank have very little insights into how well the business is performing. With Partner Connect, loan officers and risk managers observer from their offices how well the borrower’s business is performing. Key Performance Indicators can be customized to the needs of the bank. The information of the borrower’s business is updated on a bi-monthly basis.