Lower default. Increased loyalty. Competitive advantage.

Bridging the Gap

Lenders are formal financial institutions with decades of experience analyzing and managing risk through traditional loan underwriting processes.

MSME borrowers are typically informal or semi-formal necessity entrepreneurs who lack business management training and basic financial literacy.

Elevate bridges the gap between these lenders and borrowers.

Pre-Credit Risk Diagnostic

Lending institutions can decrease costs and maximize efficiency of their operations by outsourcing Elevate’s pre-disbursement verification process.


With this service, banks receive a 70-point Diagnostic and accompanying “Risk Score” based on the borrower’s payment capacity (DTI ratio), general financial literacy, business operations practices, and historical financial performance.

Partner Connect: Risk Regulator

Banks have limited insight into business performance after loans are disbursed to MSME borrowers. With Partner Connect, risk managers and loan officers of partner institutions can access MSME business performance data in real-time. Key performance indicators can be customized to the needs of the bank. Elevate also provides updated demographic information such as geo-location, address and phone number.