We Empower MSMEs & Lenders

We invite the leaders of all financial lending institutions to innovate immediately and increase their impact within their respective economies.

We challenge each lender to consider how they can produce an even stronger economy by providing responsible credit to their MSME clients.

Our 15 years of experience demonstrate that by coupling credit with education and technology economies improve rapidly and at scale.

Who we work with

Necessity entrepreneurs are individuals in developing countries who start small enterprises out of necessity. They range from street vendors and mechanics to university-educated hopefuls with little access to significant formal employment that meets their financial needs.

The one thing that unites them is the need to survive and provide for their families. An estimated one billion individuals in both developed and developing nations can be defined as necessity entrepreneurs–individuals who have no other viable option for licit income than to start a small, income-generating activity.


“Participating in the Elevate training program was the best decision I’ve made for the organization and growth of my business.”

Felix Borda – Lima, Perú


“The tools I gained from the Elevate training have helped me to understand the needs of my business in a way I never saw before.”

Florinda Reyes – Lima, Perú

Academically  Proven

Our solutions are based on results from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) conducted by researchers from top universities.


Over 100,000 micro and SME operators in 17 countries trained and interviewed.

Technology Driven

Innovative technology-based solutions for small business owners allow them to learn and apply practical tools in their businesses effectively.

Industry Validated

Our products have been designed, tested and refined during 800,000+ hours working alongside micro and SME operators in their businesses.